Life Skills

Here at Kinfolkz, even the ladies can learn and be mentored in self-respect, modeling and/or design, at an industry level from respect desginer and our very own CEO Robbiedawn.ink

Sometimes in life we just need someone to listen. Here at Kinfolkz, we do just that! We give our best input, to get your best output. We also give hands on help to coach you thru life's obstacles.


Top left: Daniel Green: Madison High School (LB) - Portland, Or Dream: Future NFL Player

Top Right: Elijah Elliott:Jefferson High School (RB) - Portland, Or Dream: Future NFL Player

Bottom left: Kylee Kindred; 11 yr old MULTI- blue ribbon winner

Dream: Future Olympic Medalist

Bottom right: Bailee Weatherall- 2016 High School graduate Dream: Future College Graduate

and many many more !!

Here, dreamers are who we're looking for.

              Dreamers are our future.

Here at Kinfolkz, your dreams become a reality.

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Here, we aren't sure what YOUR dreams are, It's your job to show us your creativity. Our job then, is to assist and guide you, to help pave the way for you to achive your dreams. The help we give, may come in odd and strange ways, but it will always be there.

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