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 Generally, time management refers to the development of processes and tools that increase efficiency and productivity


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Education and training can enhance your professional life in a number of significant ways.

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Here we teach that a wise negotiator establishes the relationship before proceeding further. Doing so allows you to get a feeling for the person with whom you are dealing, and vice versa.


peace of mind, feeling of safety, stability, certainty, happiness, confidence


facts provided so you

don't have to guess

Join a family of those that battle together to climb the highest mountain's

Clout in Session - Live  AUG  24TH - Paris Theatre , Portland, Or
Kylee Kindred in Las Vegas Championships 9-9-2018.
T - Rell     Performing live   (All Age's)
Hosted by Paris Theatre , Kinfolkz Ent and possible YOU !!
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Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis - Inauguration 01-08-2018

Lead by Janine Kirstein

Gresham High School choir select

was able to bless the Gresham-Barlow

district Wednesday  at Mayor Shane Bemis

Inauguration , as the tone's from the overtone's filled the halls

they began with the star spangle banner , then finished with , ......

well I can't tell you all ,

all I can say is sit for a minute 

and enjoy !!

If you would like the audio

so your school can use

as an National Anthem opening for game's

please contact us 

because everyone deserves to be 

represented  at the highest level .

My life has me working with some of the most talented 
people , learning the rope at the highest level


02-21-2019 5:00pm

Powerbash - Chris Brown - Hawaii