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Kalen De'Angelo Harris

born Dec 18, 2002 

To Terese Harris and Melvin Harper in Portland, Or. Moved to Lancaster, Ca July 2003 til Aug 2004. Raised by his mom, granny and Papa Marjorie

and Theron and late granny Melvinie.

He is his mom 1st child and dad 3rd child

and he has 6 siblings 3 sisters and 3 brothers.

He loves poerty, art, math, science, dancing and all sports. Kalen has played basketball since 3rd grade and football since 5th grade. He is a leader in his community and a voice for his peers.

He has ran track since 6th grade and played baseball since 8th grade
He was apart of a dance crew from 1st grade til 5th grade.

Anthony TJ kindred 

born on August 06, 2002

To Robin and Joseph Kindred .in Portland, Or.

Anthony is the 4th child out of 5

He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

Anthonys nickname is Boney .

His 1st love his always been music he has been singing since he was 2 years old Anthony's inspiration is

Whitney houston, John Legend And Brian McKnight.

Anthonys Passion for sports came a little bit later he started playing basketball in 7th grade and playing football in 9th grade .

He is also very mechanically inclined .

He knows how to lighten up a room You would say Anthony is a charismatic person a fun person to be around loved by his family and friends !

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