infolkz Mentoring

I remember it like it was yesterday, my bro The General said “J, you got to meet this guy T-Rell and his crew” so I agreed to meet um. They jumped in their car and headed all the way to OKC. I think it is like a four hour drive in a whip that was way too small.

We talked in the lobby of my hotel for about two hours maybe even three, we got a bite to eat at Dave and Busters and then I we headed back to my hotel. They followed General and I as I really didn't want them driving all the way back home since the show was in about 16 hours. They got a room at the hotel I was staying at and in the morning we all drove to the venue where Kevin Gates was performing.

We started putting culture stickers everywhere, did our sound check and got ready for the show because we added him to the event and let me tell you he should've been the headliner, hands down, wel right before Kevin. T-Rell was able to meet Kevin, after Kevin (little did he know) watched him from the balcony with General. I sat and watched first-hand (camera-man) as he hit the stage doing the big-boy whip and I thought to myself , he's got it.

After flying home, excited to be able to work with the new prospects, I got the news that Terrel and his manager were in a bad car accident and Chris didn't make it. I was shook and didn't know how to take this news. I didn't know how T Rell would respond, but he did with my dawg he turned his pain into his relief and continued to outwork most artist I know.

The rest is history. Features with Boosie, Kirko Bangz, Moneybagg Yo, and Kevin Gates and the list goes on, over 12 million views on YouTube alone in a 4-year work span is incredible! If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, please fill out the form and let us know how you would like to interact with the artist, whether it be a meet and greet, feature or a performance booking. Thank you for your time and consideration, look forward to hearing from you.